Musaffah Bridge

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This largest bridge in the Abu Dhabi Emirate links Abu Dhabi Island with the Mainland. It is located 2 km to

the West of Maqta Bridge and links the new highway parallel to the Airport Road with Al Musaffah Industrial

City and with Abu Dhabi – Al Ain highway. Particular attention was paid to solve the problems relating to

foundations, as the subsoil consists of silt-sand and sabkha materials. Mass foundation depth is 8 m. The new

Bridge was designed for heavy load traffic generated by the Industrial City of Musaffah. The new Bridge is

considered as a masterpiece of architectural esthetics and engineering design. This bridge is 500 m long (10

spans x 50m) and 25 m wide, with a three-lane dual carriage-way. It was constructed using post-tensioned

concrete beams supported on “V” shape piers.


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CONSER, traces its origins back to 1969 where Mr. Azmi Haroun founded an office to address the burgeoning civil engineering demands of the nascent nation of the United Arab Emirates.

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