ERC 0609/D1 – Link Road to Small Industries Zone

The works comprise the study and detail design plus preparation of tender and contract documents of the following:

  • Major and minor roads within and linking the Small Industries Zone to the existing road network, and to the Doha Industrial area. These main elements of the project include:
  • A major 6-lane link between Junction 17 on Salwa Road and small Industrial Zone Road 8, a roundabout junction with Road 33, and a service roads on both sides between Road 33 and Road 8;
  • A major 6-lane extension of Road 33 between East Industrial Street and the new roundabout referred to above;
  • A major 6-lane link between Route 55 and Small Industries Zone Road J, including a trumpet interchange at Route 55 and two roundabouts.
  • Minor and service roads linking Small Industries Zone Road 1 with Doha Industrial Area Roads 36 and 41.

In addition to the works included the review of the concept design, by others, of all adjacent roads and carry out the necessary amendments to the design during the development of the scheme.


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